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On Parables

I was reading Matthew 13 today, found Jesus’ pattern of telling the parables quite interesting.

Jesus usually told the parables first to the crowds and then when he was alone with his disciples, he explained the meaning of the parables. Want to know why? Read Matthew 13:13 onwards.

I was also surprised to find the Parable of the Weeds right after the Parable of the Sower (I always thought it’s called Parable of the Seed somehow – although I think it should be called the Parable of the Soil) – what’s with the agricultural theme here?

Noting something interesting about the Parable of the Weeds – Matthew 13:28-30 – the master doesn’t allow his servants to gather the weeds in fear that they might root up the wheat as well.. Well, Jesus didn’t explain what’s the meaning of this – so probably it’s not the main point of the parable.

On being religious

That’s the question my friend asked me few months back after learning that I’m a Christian. It’s one of those questions – though it seems to be an easy yes and no type of question – but when I think about it more, it’s not as clear cut as it seems to be. Continue reading

Lord’s Prayer

On Matthew 6:8, the Father knows what we need before we even ask. People asked me what’s the point of prayer if God already know what we need or what we are going to ask, the question can be answered in different ways. But at least in this passage, it’s clear that Jesus teaches us to pray, even though he affirms that the Father knows our need before we ask.

Another thing that struck me when reading the Lord’s prayer is how short and to the point it is – to be contrasted with the pagan babblers who heap empty phrases.

Do guys need friends to confide?

One of the things that I am doing on my break is to meet up with some brothers from Pelita. Although during the catch up, we usually do talk about life in general, there are a few topics or questions that I try to talk through to with them.

One of the questions that I ask is: “Do they have close friends / brothers whom they can trust and talk to if they are facing any difficulties in life?”

Looking at myself (being a worker and a married guy) – I think it’s very easy for us guys to isolate ourselves from the rest. Sure we go to church and bible study weekly – we might even play sports together. But do we care much about other brothers and the flip side of it – do we share our struggles and worries in life with our brothers enough?

I am trying to think through the later. If we are a Church of Jesus Christ which characterized by love – then shouldn’t guys be comfortable sharing their life with (some) brothers? From my observation I don’t think we have that in Pelita, well at least not among the graduate guys.

And I wonder why that is? Is it a problem of trust – do us guys not trust other people? Are brothers not trustworthy? Is it a matter of – “I have a wife / partner now – I don’t really any more friends” – is this a selfish thought? Is it a problem of pride, arrogance and self reliance – “Being a macho man means I can deal with all problems that life throws at me – I really don’t need anyone else to help me”. Are we guys just bad at being open?

Do the married guys have people to talk to if they are having problems in their marriages? When the guys are feeling down or even perhaps having a depression – do they talk about it?

What do you guys think? Is the above true observation of our brothers or is it just me thinking too much?

For me personally, I really thank God that there are guys in Pelita that I really can trust if I need their support and prayers.

I really believe that people are God’s gift for each other and it’s a sad thing if you are a Christian guy at our church and you don’t have anyone whom you can talk to when you are facing problems in your life – find someone – heck talk to me even :)