Struggling to write

I found that writing a blog post is harder than before.

It’s not that I don’t have any ideas to write. I do have a lot of topics to write in my head, but my struggle is with structuring the topic and put it into a writing.

This, I think, is because I just don’t do enough writing nowadays. We all know practice makes perfect, so is with writing – to make writing easier, write more.

But why don’t I write more? I used to blog a lot, although I have to admit most of them is short and more like status updates rather than fully fleshed writing.

One reason why I don’t write anymore is because I consume more. What do I consume? What else – the social media of course: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. There’s also HackerNews (thank God for HN newsletter!).

Here’s hoping for more producing and less consuming in 2016.. maybe?